Thursday, December 1, 2011

Worrying trends

It is a worrying trend that more and more content in the Sydney Morning Herald broadsheet is either media release or opinion trotted out by unnamed journalists ("After the uprising, a revolution in education begins", November 26-27).

To have seven hundred and seven words surrounding a large emotive photograph unattributed to anyone is of significant concern. In fact it leads me to wonder why the SMH has reported so little opinion from the ‘other’ side in Libya (you know, the one that required North Atlantic Treaty Organisation bombers & fighter planes to ignore the principle of state sovereignty) and to wonder also whether Article 1 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation treaty still stands (you know the one where NATO undertakes to settle any international dispute in which it may become involved by peaceful means).

I would really like to know who is behind this particular ‘opinion’; why so often there are no 'journalist' names for background search purposes; and whether this type of journalism is actually insidious propaganda for NATO's continued 'mission creep'?


  1. You will find a lot answers to your questions in Chomsky' books, Manufacturing Consent, and 20 Years of Propaganda. There is no surprise for the editorial bias in favour of the New World Order ( aka Western Imperialiism) in the Corporate Media given the closeness of Corporate media/Govt partnership and is reflected in the 100% Corporate Media support for the illegal invasion of Iraq. And so it goes.

  2. Hi peng99, thanks for the book recommendation - and yes you're right that there ought to be 'no surprise for the editorial bias in favour of the New World Order' - so blatant & shocking

    How spot on was George Orwell...“in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

  3. In Orwellianspeak, we are all revolutionaries for taking on the state on MHL. I forgot to mention another book by Chomsky - Necessary Illusions. This gives a very comprehensive account of how the State uses the mass media as a propaganda tool to distort,distract, and confuse the issues to prevent real democracy from becoming effective.
    BTW I will be jetting off to KL in March 2012 for a bit of pedaling around and enjoying the culinary delights. Obviously Institutiion Australia is not too fussed on the tourist dollars departing our shores; or else they would have done something about MHL.

  4. I will disagree to the extent that the New World Order isn't Western Imperialism and is rather Global Feudalism. Western Imperialism is just one of the tools it utilizes to achieve that. It actually takes Maoism as it's model of social order, at least as it is promoted to the lower classes, which would be, ya know, us.

    Of course Maoism is just a Sinofied Marxism, which is itself just a disguised form of Imperialism, of western origin, although it was itself partially inspired by traditional Chinese social culture , , ,

    And around we go.

    Ya ever notice that the world always looks the same from peasant eye view?

    Of course real democracy would likely result in mandatory cycling helmets, fluro-vests and the right to be bounced off the road by any motor vehicle with damages to the motor vehicle billable to the cyclist's next of kin.

    Something to think about.

  5. Jeez! Both of you make me think!

    - good to 'chat' to the pair of you - thank you for both for your erudite comments