Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodbyee! Goodbyee! - wipe the tear, baby dear, from your eyee!

As of today, my driver's licence is suspended so I intend to enclose it with my letter of complaint to the AG which I will write and despatch later on this morning.

When you consider that two months ago Parliament agreed the March 2011 amendment to the Victims Support & Rehabilitation Act was a bad decision and that it ought & will be repealed at a date to be proclaimed, it's quite 'gob-smackingly' unbelievable that i'm still to be punished anyway by those very bad provisions.

...where's the justice and/or procedural fairness in all of this?

Lucky I love my bicycle & the journeys that I take on it!!!


  1. Hi Sue,

    I hear from Kathy that you have been busy dealing with more helmet cases. Phew! I just got a second fine the other day which I will again be taking to court.

    My first court case is Dec 13th.

    I wondering if you'd had any time to consider my case and how I can fight it?

    At the moment no one seems to be able to give me much info about how I might at least get the fines quashed.

    I would be greatly appreciative if you have any advise for me.

    I hope your helmet-free bicycle travels continue to be delightful and safe.


  2. Hi Bojun!!! - deja vu!!!! I've just sent you an email - I'd love to help you.

    Call me any time or we can do it via email or both. My daughter has her matter this coming Friday so it'll be interesting to see how that particular matter goes - we'll keep you posted x