Saturday, November 12, 2011

Australian bicycle helmet assumption yet to be proved

There is something clinically servile & masochistic about the faith many Australians place in bicycle helmets.

...and worse, there is something irreducibly sinister & sadistic about the schadenfreude many Australians extend to those who eschew them.

When will Australia tire of our bicycle helmet bullshit that is so patently riddled with a reckless disregard for the truth?

(3 days left on my driver's licence)


  1. Too true Sue. There's a rhyme for you.

    Yes, so many Australians get a sadistic thrill out of the "where's your helmet?" rubbish.

    Chances are they're smiling to themselves after preaching this rubbish whilst then jumping in their un-roadworthy, over-sized V8 four-wheel drive, forget their seatbelt, forget to get their kids to 'belt up' and fly down the road whilst talking on the mobile and puffing on a cigarette.

    Yep, I'm sure there's a lot of not "practicing what you preach" going on.

    But who am I to assume all of this without knowing all the facts? Oh hang on... I think that's what we're encouraged to do in Australia.

    Sue, with your suspended licence is it a simple case of pay the money and it's reinstated?

    I must admit I'm trying hard to stay in a positive frame of mind today after reading all this. I think all the readers of your blog share your frustration!

    TopGear Australia had a segment called "What were they thinking?" in which they would pick on random ugly cars and place them on a board.
    I think suspending a drivers licence for bicycle 'crime' deserves to be on this board also!

    Anyway all the best. Summer is surely not a bad time to be forced to bike ride a bit more.

    Kindest regards,
    Jason (formerly of Tassie)

  2. Thanks, Jason! - it truly does beggar belief but from here on in, I'm going to step up the letter campaign to the AG, my local member, and the Hon. David Shoebridge, (the latter being the most helpful by a country mile!)

    - and re my driver's licence, I shall post it to the AG tomorrow given that it will be a worthless bit of plastic to me - never liked the photo anyway!!!