Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going - going - gone!

'No point hanging on to defunct driver's licence,' I said to myself, 'recycle the plastic; send it to the AG!'

- & so I did, up at the Newtown Post Office earlier today.

All things considered one less car on the road isn't a bad thing but the 'procedural unfairness' underpinning this whole 'bicycle-helmet-victims-compensation-levy' episode is!

...never liked the photo anyway


  1. Sue,

    I think you should read this:

    Section 17, 1, c definitely applies to you given that there is an error in the penalty notice ($67 vs $64). I think the mechanism for getting this looked at is the SDRO review process (on their website), it costs $50 to submit a review.

    You might also consider section 123; it seems you can also appeal to the Governor for mercy, as they have the power to have your fine cancelled.