Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad law-making equals bad laws

Let's face it; we all know that ostensibly bicycle helmet laws were introduced to provide safety for bicycle users.

But in reality all they've done is (i) deflect criticism from half-arsed attempts to incorporate bicycles as fully recognised vehicles in the Australian transport landscape...

...& (ii) accentuate undesirable and unintended consequences.

Yet instead of conceding political error of political ways, our politicians continue to posture in a paternalistic manner, and to demand even more 'figures'...

Smoke & mirrors! - they have 20 years worth of figures - what exactly do they do with them all?

Clearly they don't collect them for collation purposes.

But the veneer of helmet law consensus is wearing thin, and maybe, just maybe, the catastrophe that is our urban transport landscape is inadvertently assisting people who like to use bicycles because we're witnessing more & more people using them and less & less people using helmets and/or cars!

Go, us!!!

(5 days left on my driver's licence)

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