Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dr Paul Martin & surprise 2 GB ally

A most enlightening interview.

First Ben Fordham invites Paul to convince him that helmet laws are passé, and then he admits to Paul & 2GB listeners far & wide that he hates wearing helmets!!!!

* he just doesn't like it

* they're hot on his head

* unnecessary 99.9% of the time

* if he's just riding to shops, does he want to put one on? (rhetorical - clearly he does not!)

Wooja-get-outa-town! What a conversation! - & he wants to know what we think because he knows it's:

...not setting best example, but

...he doesn't like wearing them

...he's really carefull

...he's not going a million miles an hour

...& he can pretty much back himself that nothing's going to happen

Why don't you let him know your thoughts, & call him on 131 873 or send him an email at

How exciting - how refreshing!


  1. You could have knocked me over with a feather, Sue! :-D

    BTW: that bikeway that I'm standing on in the photograph has *still* not been restored since the January flooding... but all roads have.

  2. ...I did wonder about your beautiful bikeway - & how typical that motorists should continue to be indulged!!

  3. Hi Sue, Paul

    I emailed him to say how refreshing it was to hear his comments blah blah blah and that he should join the campaign. He responded with an "I'm in!". I think you should definitely try and get him to do another story on it and start a campaign on air to make helmets optional.

    Good luck! LSS