Thursday, September 30, 2010

"They paved paradise..."

1. Bicycle helmet law proponents are just one big 'clusterfuck' of oil lobbyists doing what will get them 'paid &/or laid'. Alarmingly they have had a debilitating impact on the culture of cycling.

2. By continuing to proclaim cycling as dangerous, bicycle helmet law proponents shape the desires of a marginalised cycling culture so that the 'testosterone-dominated' sport dictates the parameters of participation. Women and children are deemed unnecessary to consider whilst the nation is systematically impoverished in terms of health and the environment.

3. Undoubtedly bicycle helmet law proponents tap into the 'mindless materialism' of western capitalism in a predictably myopic and superficial way.

4. Moreover, bicycle helmet law proponents appear to be 'sub-conscious-anti-feminine-counter-revolutionaries' juxtaposed against growing gender equality.

5. Inter alia, bicycle helmet law proponents are actually terrified of taking the road and sharing it with motorists.

(Oh dear! & diddums!)

6. But back to me...why should the cowardice of bicycle helmet proponents prevent me from taking the road in the responsible grown-up 'utility-cycling-manner' that I've been taking it for the past 46 years?


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