Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liberty transport & a role for bicycles

Today in 'car-congested' Sydney, the inherent value of alternative transport is starkly juxtaposed against the inflated hype of the motor car.

Notwithstanding the magnificent service our beautiful ferries contribute to public transport, bicycles too have a major role to play in 'liberty transport'...

...and to be part of its re-emergence is almost too exciting for words!!

Go, us!

Go, Sydney!

Go, the ferries!

Go, bicycles galore!!


  1. Thanks for this post.As a sailor in the merchant marine,arriving Sydney was the highlight of any voyage. Sadly, now that Sydney is no longer a working harbour, this is no longer possible. Sailing with Wilhelmsen lines, we would often bring in a cargo of over a thousand cars, 300 trucks/tractors plus assorted other 'stuff'. For the folks who live in Sydney, this was not a good thing! All this stuff had to get to its final destination via already congested roads.Still, I do miss the good old days.Port Kembla just ain't the same!



  2. Wow! Ian! that's amazing! - and yes Sydney is pretty much the most amazing harbour in the world - it's a pity it's not the working harbour it was...

    ...and Paul Keating's proposed development along the 'Hungry Mile' is scary to say the least!