Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bicycle Helmet Laws & Discrimination

Our government policy wonks missed a crucial step when enacting bicycle helmet laws - they forgot to conduct a feasability study to assess the 'equality impact' of the law upon women...

...or did they?


  1. This is a women;s health issue! Female cycling in Australia declined after helmet mandation, particularly in teenage girls. Females only represent 19% of cyclists in this country suggesting that the macho/warrior/speed/danger image of cycling promoted by the present regime impacted more dramatically on women.
    In Darwin where the option of traveling on a bicycle track without a helmet is legal 33% of cyclists are women (the highest rate in Australia).
    In many European countries the female cycling rate is above 50%.
    The decline in female cycling was most dramatic amongst teenage girls
    following helmet mandation.
    The consequent decline in health and fitness and increase in obesity should be cause for concern !
    It is heartening to see women taking a leadership role in the fight against this obnoxious law that has oppressed us for twenty years.