Monday, September 27, 2010

Take a chill-pill, mate!

Date: Last weekend

Location: Market Street, Sydney

Action: Predictably disappointing dialogue with predictably disappointing chap


Road Engineer: "That sign is not for women to play with!"

Me: (silent thought bubble to self - 'what a joker! - HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS?!') "Listen, mate, I'm actually trying to park my bicycle & clearly some loser has sabotaged the 'one-&-only' bike hoop in Market Street."

Road Engineer: "You're not allowed to play with it!"

Me: "Are you connected to this sign because if you are perhaps you could assist me by moving it to a more appropriate location?"

Road Engineer: "Yes I am - I'm a taxpayer"

Me: "Well I'm a taxpayer too so by your logic I also have some ownership over it!"

Road Engineer: "You're not allowed to touch it!"

Me: I'm not sure either of us are benefiting from this conversation - I'm not participating anymore - I'm parking my bicycle!"


...Jeez, mate, chill out!......maybe even try life on a bike!

- there's a nice little place on Jones Bay Wharf - Cafe Morso - could be good for starters!


  1. He should not have that sign on the Pavement blocking Access to Pedestrians it should be on the Road. He should not block Access to that Cycle Stand.

    By their reasoning the Road should be kept free so as to maintain Traffic Flow and to Hell with Pedestrians and Cyclists who wish to use the Facilities of the Paths. If there are Roadworks they have an awful habit of placing these Road Works signs on Cycle Lanes and Pathways and not on the actual Road so they do not inconvenience the Motorist.

  2. In a town centre last week, we saw a clothes shop completely surround the bike stands outside with hangers of their products.

    Unfortunately we didn't have our bikes, or would otherwise have removed them to park.

    I'm not surprised by your road engineers attitude - as l'homme au velo has summed up perfectly, 'By their reasoning the Road should be kept free so as to maintain Traffic Flow and to Hell with Pedestrians and Cyclists'. It's no different in the northern hemisphere!

  3. Another thing is using Old Antique Bicycles attached to Bike Parking Stands to Advertise their Products like Clothes Shops or Butchers Shops Depriving People of the use of that Parking Stand.

    This really Pisses me off especially in a very Busy Area of the City were Bicycle Parking is Limited and Loads of Bikes being Lashed to Lamposts and Trees,you get this in various areas of Dublin.

  4. Sue, this man was clearly a total fruit-loop. I find, when dealing with individuals like this, sticking my fingers in my ears and going 'la la la I can't hear you' is the best course of action.

    You should try it some time ;-)

    (of course it's criminal that there isn't more than one bike parking spot there - a note to the City about the need for more bicycle parking in the area might help?)

  5. It's good to hear from you all!!! - I was really quite 'gob-smacked' by that encounter!

    ...and re the bicycle parking hoops, what a joke - talk about tokenism - a bicycle hoop can never be considered as providing bicycle parking yet you see them dotted here and there throughout the city in a most un-useful way

    ...a note is a good idea - maybe addressed to my favourite Lord Mayor - seems to me she's the only one who actually does anything for cyclists in this city!

  6. I had an issue like this earlier this year. Signs like this were positioned right in the middle of the bike lane on Lilyfield Rd, so cyclists had to swerve into the car lane to get around them. They mayor is a Green, so I wrote to him and pointedly asked him if this was how he supported and encouraged cycling in his area.

    Signs were moved the next day, and they never strayed back into the bike lane. Drop Clover Moore a line and tell her that she needs to do more to change the mindset of her employees and contractors.

  7. Anon & Mark,
    A note is destined to be penned!
    Great advice! - I'll keep you posted on how it pans out.