Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clarence St Cyclery to the resuce!!!

Whizzing past Central Railway Station last Friday, it suddenly occurred to me that the road was particularly bumpy.

Coming to a stop at traffic lights near Eddy Avenue, I asked 'baby daughter' travelling in my slipstream (ha! ha!) if I had a flat tyre - back came the reply I had been dreading ever since I purchased this bike!!!! - 'you're on your rims!!!'

Jeez! what to do with massively punctured tyre, skirt guard, chain guard and no puncture repair kit?

1. Well first up, got tyre pumped up at friendly Wentworth Avenue motor-bike shop - brilliant for 5 seconds!!

2. Next, continued walking up Wentworth Avenue to have quick little chat with concierge in Marriot Hotel, College Street - 'help! I need the closest bicycle shop!'

3. Armed with details, headed down Park Street to find 104 Clarence Street and Clarence St Cyclery - welcomed by a posse of Clarence St Cyclery Knights clutching shining 'bicycle-repair-kit' weaponery

4. Kicked back and relaxed for 20 mins whilst soaking up good karma of Clarence-St-Cyclery-Maintenance-Basement!

5. Left this beautiful bicycle shop with my beautiful bicycle, restored to former glory, and ready for Friday night action...

...just in time to treat hubby to cocktails & "August: Osage County" at Sydney Theatre for his birthday treat

Though I say so myself, exquisite time management!!!



    I've got them on one Brompton and a Pashley Roadster.

    I still carry a pump.

  2. Thank you! & I must definitely get myself a pump too!