Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Yes! We have no bananas!"

...well actually it's more like:

'yes! we have no teen-agers'
'we have no teen-agers today!'

- it's our baby's birthday, she's 20, and continues to be totally unfettered by helmets (surprise! surprise!).

Consequently, she's one of the few Australian young women who hasn't been deterred from cycling, & confidently cycles everywhere anywhere anytime.

Happy birthday, baby! x


  1. I love photos like this one . There are far too few in Australia. Even some of the cycle chic websites only helmetted cyclists. Thanks Sue.

  2. It's my pleasure - and you're right with there not being enough!!!

    'Vivre les jeunes femmes' and cycling!!!

    'Poubelle' to bicycle helmet laws!!!