Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freedom cycling in Vietnam

(Photos: Jamie K, Hoi An, Vietnam)

Recently received an inspiring update from Jamie K with regard to his 'failing-to-wear-helmet' matter, and his fabulous result in court.

Early on in the year, Jamie represented himself (Go, Jamie!) in the Melbourne Magistrate's Court. At the completion of Jamie's hearing, the Magistrate stated that the case was trivial, & from the start should have been dealt with police discretion.

She then proceeded to dismiss all charges!! (awesome moment for all 'freedom-from-mandatory-helmet-law' campaigners!!) fact in Jamie's own considered words:

"Fan-bloody-tastic!" & "Phew!"

But wait there's more...

...following on from this court case, Jamie contacted VicRoads as the relevant authority under the legislation and therefore the appropriate body to deal with his cycling dilemma.

He duly submitted an application for a 'helmet-exemption', citing medical grounds that were 100% supported by his GP - in fact the 'medical content' within the grounds for consideration was well over 4 pages long!

Notwithstanding his excellent submission, the response from VicRoads was utterly predictable and more or less to the effect;

"NO!- No way! - Not granted! - On your bike, mate (& wear a helmet!)"

But needless to mention, the resilient Jamie remains undeterred, and moreover, intends to challenge the decision of VicRoads along with their worn-out, over-used 'motherhood claim' that helmets save lives and serious injuries.

Good luck to our fearless campaigner from down south!!!



  1. Fantastic work, Jamie.

    Keep it up!


    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. What a great result Jamie. Congratulations on your determination. We are two Victorians who want to gain an exemption also. We wondered what grounds were most likely to succeed. I've heard of a group trying to start a religion called ' Church of the sit up cyclists' in order to gain exemptions on religious grounds. We would like to work with you in Victoria to get some change happening now that there is such a large body of research to support the changes to the existing laws.

    Keep it up. Also thanks Sue for this information.

    Kathy Francis