Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gorgeous Groningen

Couple of days in this 'funky' town and we're hooked!

Brilliant student vibe, groovy cycling, sensational walking, fantastic 'eten en drinken', and live music everywhere...

...oh! and also, needless to mention, bucket loads of bicycles and people using them!!!

My bicycle bliss!!! My bicycle paradise!!!


  1. My bicycle bliss!!! My bicycle paradise!!!

    It looks it - and how does it feel being amongst all those non-helmet heads? :>)

    A fellow bicycling blogger from my neck of the woods has much to say about Modena in Italy!

  2. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, madness prevails:

  3. I always laugh when they call Amsterdam the world's cycling capital of the world. You'll agree this should be Groningen.

  4. Oh, you're making me second-home sick! BTW, the jazz in Groningen is great!

  5. Arjen, I too think Groningen should be the capital (of NL?) and lead the way :)

  6. Oh Sue, I am so jealous, a trip around the Netherlands looks like just the tonic and top up to your convictions that you need. Am jealous!

    Will you be coming to London during your Euro trip? The invite is still very much open for coffee and a tour of our (much smaller!) bicycle paradise.


  7. Move over Mikael, there is a new kid on the Cycle Chic photography block! ;-)

  8. hey, all your comments and no kidding, the freedom of cycling in Europe is heady stuff!!!! - loving every minute of it - don't want it to end - why does it have to?

    Mark, if we can fit a trip to London (UK for 6 days - family stuff!) will definitely be in touch!! x