Sunday, October 10, 2010

Windmills, Cafe Winkel & sunshine

1. How did Australians get the helmet equation so wrong?

2. What will it take to convince helmet law proponents they ruined Australian cycling?

3. Why are Australians so arrogantly wedded to the notion that they're right and everyone else is wrong (especially the 16 million Dutch)

4. What responsible government allows public health needs to be market driven and informed by promotion?

5. When are Australian bicycle helmet laws going to be binned?


  1. How did Australians get the helmet equation wrong? we didn't invest in infrastructure ,high quality safe infrastructure. Lower speed limits in residential areas and in town centre areas.
    A whole host of measures that make cycling safer which are more effective than a piece of foam covered with plastic.

  2. Sadly, Martin, you are absolutely spot on!

    We, Aussies, are such a frustrating bunch, and it is so glaringly obvious from my current vantage point here in Holland.

    Just for starters, we have seen countless tiny babies strapped to their cycling parents because clearly no-one expects to come off (or does) - furthermore motorists drive with the utmost of caution - it is 'cradle-to-grave' cycling here, and I'm pea-green with envy!!

  3. Sue,
    It's good to see you having a great time in the closest thing to a cyclists' paradise. It's a pity you had to cross to the other side of the planet to get to it. A cyclists' paradise should start at everyone's front gate.

  4. Good to hear you're having a great time, Sue, and a picture says more than a thousand words, but come on, we want some anecdotes here! :-)

    Are you planning to take the train to Groningen, THE Bicycle Capitol of the world? (you might say 'hello' to David Hembrow there)


  5. Wonderful photos, I was in Amsterdam recently and also noticed the total lack of helmets. I'm from Sweden where there is no law (even though it is debated) but the majority use one because they are extremely safety concious. I'm very impressed by you and your blog. Keep on the good work.

  6. Matt, you are dead right!!!

    Marion, loved Groningen!!! but sadly missed David - we crossed trains!!

    Marie, thank you for your kind words - I'm on a mission and refuse to give up until these draconian laws are repealed!!