Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Singing in the rain!"

Our Baby no. 2 has arrived from Cairo - yay!...

...and Amsterdam continues to be amazing - even in the rain!

(we're totally gobsmacked by the 'umbrella' cycling)...

...probably pointless to mention that no-one can ever have too much Van Gogh / beer / any type of Dutch cyclist! - all brilliant...

...even Dutch police are captivating!


  1. In the first photo it looks like both keys are in the lock, one is in the lock and the other is on a ring connected to the first.

    I usually keep on there and one elsewhere.

  2. @wee folding bike; This is the Dutch way of keeping keys.
    The first lock (permanent wheel-lock) can only be unlocked while the key is in it. So you can only ride with the key in place.
    The second key (of an extra lock) is attached to the first so you cannot loose it. When you park your bike the first thing you do is lock-up the permanent wheel-lock. The key pops out and you instantly have the other key in your hand to lock the second lock. Couldn't be more convenient.
    Especially since this is a rental bike you wouldn't want people to loose keys.

    Looks good Sue! There won't be any rain today, promiss!
    The beer is Belgian by the way, we would not want to upset any of our dear neighbours in the south

  3. OK.that's not a bad idea. I've got one of those Axas and an Abus D lock on my Pashley so I could put the spare Abus key on a ring with the Axa key.

  4. Thanks, Mark & wee folding bike!!

    We really love the locks and if they weren't so heavy would seriously think about taking some back to Oz!!

    My love affair with Amsterdam continues - complete heaven, Mark! - love it!!

  5. A beer, a cigarette and then cycle home sans helmet. I want to go to there!(take that, morality police)

    cheers and happy cycling,