Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BERLIN - never enough time!

One weekend = not enough = need a life-time!

Grey & wet, grungy & beautiful - loved! loved! loved Berlin!

...full of...

* museums & music ('b-flat acoustic & jazz club' - oh! the jazz!!!)

* bicycles & wine bars ('muret la barba', weinbar on Rosenthaler Strasse, directly oppostie 'b-flat' - you need to know this!! - plenty of room for your bicycle on either side of the street!)

...and that's just for starters - naturally lots more too!

Sad to say 'auf wiedersehen und tschüss!' but happy to say 'can't wait to return!!!'



  1. Aah Berlin... the only foreign city I lived in. I cycled all over the city all Summer of 1992. And I loved it too. I visit Berlin as often as I can. I think the cycling facilities are quite good there. I don't mind to cycle on the -by some- hated 'on sidewalk cycle paths' in Germany. It is not like home (Netherlands) but much better than no cycle paths at all. Probably the reason for the much higher numbers of cyclists compared to other large capitals like London or Paris.

  2. Of COURSE ya'll loved Berlin! What a tour de force!

    I SO want to go back there!

    What's your next stop?

  3. Mark - no wonder you lived there - Berlin is stunning!!

    Marc - your 'ich bin ein berliner' post makes me want to go back right now - your photos are brilliant, naturally!!

    - currently enjoying Köln!!! Sadly our precious 'baby no. 2' heads back to Cairo tomorrow - all has gone way too quickly (sniff & sigh)