Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"You're not in Paris now!"

Classic moment today!

Cycling into town, I passed one of those massive mining trucks that all too often descend upon our Australian roads. It was decked out with about a million B-double engines on the front, and about half a million B-double engines on the back - & every vehicle imaginable was accompanying this 'thing' on my country road.

After the 'lead highway patrol car' mentioned I might need to hop off at some stage and we had negotiated that I could go a little further up the hill before I did actually hop off, the 'second highway patrol car' quipped "you're not in Paris now!"

"...I can dream, Officer, I can dream!"


  1. Hilarious! At least they didn't give you a ticket this time.

    I love it.

    Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia