Saturday, May 15, 2010

(i) NSW Mining Policy - ALTERED; (ii) NSW Bicycle Helmet Policy - FINGERS CROSSED!

If NSW mining policy can be rewritten so can NSW cycling policy! There's a space now in the 'lobby' queue for us to persuade our politicians to SAY NO TO MANDATORY HELMET LAWS!

If the Premier is not prepared to "jeopardise the growth" of the racehorse industry, then perhaps she ought to apply that same reasoning to cycling. Otherwise by refusing to consider an altered government position on mandatory helmet laws, she is complicity jeopardising the growth of cycling. When you consider Australia's dire levels of obesity coupled with our disinclination to accept our global responsibilities, it is clear that the government's current position on mandatory helmet laws is cavalier.

...but back to Scone & the Upper Hunter, during the exquisitely timed media announcement, our media savvy premier elaborated that "this mine is simply not compatible with the unique rural characteristics of this locality, including the horse-breeding industry," exactly mirroring the incompatible characteristics of mandatory helmet laws, 'porky' Australians, traffic congestion, Australia & the cycling industry 'full stop'.

By claiming that "it's the first time NSW had rejected a coal mining project", Kristina Keneally (KK) scaled the 'uber-scary-political' hurdle of a first pioneering brave move!

This is great news!

Now she can move on to assessing mandatory helmets laws - & it won't take her long, using her Bickham Coal parameters, to see that the merits of mandatory helmet laws "just do not stack up!"

Go, KK, we haven't a moment to lose!! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

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