Monday, May 10, 2010

Helmet Laws v Equality

I never cease to be surprised by the vehemence and issues attached to mandatory helmet laws!

Just recently in our "High Street", an angry man yelled at my partner, "What's the matter with you? Can't you control your wife?"



  1. "What's the matter with you? Can't you control your wife?"

    My experience would be that the power relationship runs in the opposite direction. At least that's what she told me.

  2. ha! ha! I think my partner's sentiments may well mirror yours!!

  3. I love the maintenance-to-go in the background.

    I have recently bought a proper bicycle tool set, including some good books and a stand. I've already overhauled 4 very different styles of bicycles and they're like new now (replaced bearings, etc). I was thinking about doing such a thing at a local fair or on the bike path but I'm sure the fun-police would put an end to it... (public liability and all).

    Did this person need to have all that rubbish organised before setting up their little endeavour?

    I also looked up what a bike shop would charge for the work I did on each bike and for 4 bikes I would have made $1200! (not that that is the reason for me doing it - it is about self sufficiency).


    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  4. hey Paul! no 'Glen' and his mate literally just set up "Ten-Minute-Touch-Up" on the edge of the Yarra River Trail - they get a lot of bike traffic pass this spot, and they are extremely reasonably priced - I had a flat tyre and 'Glen' gallantly did it for nothing!! I blogged about him here: