Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Q&As for the RTA

Considering that the Roads & Traffic Authority are quick to give effect to 'demerit point' totals, 'overdue' licences, inaccurate log books etc etc, why is it that their promised 'one month' turn-around to reach a decision concerning my application for exemption to wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle, appears to be transmogrifying into a 'three month' one?

I have a 'shopping list' of questions for the RTA:

1. why do I have to wait so long on the end of the phone-line every time I call 'you'?
2. why do 'you' never seem to know what's going on nor seem to possess any strategies to combat this administrative failing of 'yours'?
3. why is there no 'tracking system' for correspondence given that there clearly is a 'tracking system' for demerit points?
4. why has my application taken so long to consider given that 'your' policy states otherwise?
5. how can 'you' sanctimoniously claim that 'you' have a one-month turn around when 'you' continuously move goal-posts?
6. why is communication between 'your' various RTA departments (units or centres) so negligible, notwithstanding that 'you' work in the same Miller Street building?
8. how is 'your' current modus operandi 'procedurally fair'?
9. will 'you' uphold my civil liberties in light of your "acknowledgement of dis-benefits for certain headforms"?

I can barely contain myself!!! Given that my application finally 'landed' in the correct departmental inbox on Wednesday 5th May 2010, I have been informed that I can confidently expect a decision to be reached by Saturday 5th June 2010 (MAY DAY, MAY DAY; WEEKEND ALERT!!!)

Sigh! ok!- Monday 7th June 2010, and no later, RTA, are you listening?

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