Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pedal Power Deliveries - Cairo style

We all know that we need to get rid of our pesky helmet laws ('pronto'!) for a multitude of reasons, not the least important being that:

- CBD car closures are going to mean many exciting changes in which the bicycle will be key! once again, GO, CLOVER!!! & don't be put off by the doom & gloom naysayers!!!


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  2. Sorry about my Post ,the Keyboard was knackered and I had to get a new one.

    He looks very Happy Cycling along on his Old Style Bicycle with the Rod Brakes and the load of Bread Rolls on his Head. He could not do that with a Nasty Pesky Helmet on his Head,it just would not be safe.

  3. Hi Sue, keep up the good work. Just read an appalling story today that Melbourne's cops are imposing huge fines on cyclists who run lights or dare to ride bareheaded see:

    Seems they'll do anything to suppress cycling. No wonder Australia's got such a huge obesity problem... You really do have your work cut out for you :-(

  4. thanks, l'homme au velo and coshgirl! for your supportive comments as always - it really is quite staggering the lengths and expense our governments are prepared to go to enforce our ridiculous and completely unnecessary mandatory bicycle helmet laws - PATHETIC!!

    my daughter and i hired bicycles in luxor, egypt, yesterday and had a brilliant time - we noticed that whilst the traffic appears quite busy and chaotic, drivers are constantly watching out for anything that emerges in front of them at anytime - we felt very safe and 'seen' the whole time - we cannot say the same for 'aussie' drivers - thanks to our nanny state who have pandered to the car culture 'holus bolus'!!!!!