Monday, May 3, 2010

Human Rights v Mandatory Helmet Laws

(Cartoon: Michael Golding, The Age, April 2010)We are in dire need of an application of a human rights doctrine to the vexed issue of mandatory helmet laws. Such a doctrine could not fail to present a persuasive argument against the continued criminalisation of un-helmeted cycling.

Unreasonably these limiting helmet laws force us to surrender our 'own person' responsibilities and our natural inclination to keep ourselves safe...and all for the commercial reality of an 'anatomy modifying' device (questionably fit for purpose); and the oil industry.

Our devotion to oil continues a relentless drive to plunder the globe. Not for us the message in Jared Diamond's "Collapse"! Who needs to take heed of the history examples in that prophetic tome? No - it's 'business as normal' for our blinkered economies, perversely blind to the 'global canary'.


But in the meantime, thank heavens Malcolm is planning on using the Pollie Pedal bike rack again!! (Michael Golding's brilliant cartoon appeared in The Age, April 2010 whilst 'M' was in the Wilderness)

Currently, Malcolm Turnbull is the only politician with any environmental 'street cred' in our Australian Parliament. Remember prior to Copenhagen? - he didn't sell out!! - in fact, he was prepared to give all his political ambitions away; he crossed the floor for the environment; impressive!...

...and I can't believe I'm about to say this, but welcome back, Mal!

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