Sunday, May 9, 2010

Newtown to Bondi; naturally on a bicycle

Perfect Sydney Autumn day; only one thing to do - grab our bikes & head to Bondi! through Newtown, Darlington, Redfern, Surrey Hills, Centennial Park, Waverley Park

...then the ultimate in magic!!!...

'Bondi-breeze' in hair as we coasted down 'Bondi Road' to 'Bondi Beach'!!!! (no doubt about it; Sydney wins hands down - best city ever!!!)

Lunch at 'La Piadina' (bliss!),
Ice creams at 'Speedos' (naughty!)
Music at 'Flying Squirrel' (wicked!)

...totally wrecked & happy - home to Newtown!!


  1. I was in Sydney on Friday & Saturday - had I known you were there I would have tried to catch up! Damn!

    I noticed a few things whilst there:
    - Lots of casual cyclists on all sorts of bikes (uprights, fixies, etc) in the city.
    - On Saturday morning, lots of racer-types on the bigger roads.
    - Many of them not wearing helmets (certainly a greater proportion than here in Brisbane).
    - Traffic was horrid. Why one earth would anyone drive in the CBD? With all the traffic lights I witnessed the bicycles averaging the same speed as the cars!
    - My brother was almost killed by a speeding, red-light running taxi in the middle of the city

    The reason for the trip was that my folks and some of their friends wanted to try out a range of Gazelle bikes (which are hard to find up here). After three hours of fabulous test riding they walked away with a bike each... AND an understanding of why MHL must go. They're all medical professionals (although retired now!).


    Dr Paul Martin
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. Paul, 'damn' indeed! - would have been brilliant to catch up!!! - next time definitely - make sure you contact me!!! - I'm in Sydney a lot!!!!

    ...and I'm really glad you got to see Sydney cycling - as you observed, we're an inclusive lot and mostly non-compliant!!