Monday, November 5, 2012

You do not have my vote if you do not ban this...

(Images: Animals Australia)

An open email to:

The Hon.Joel Fitzgibbons (Federal Member for Hunter, Chief Government Whip - and,

The Hon. George Souris (State Member for Upper Hunter, Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Hospitality and Racing, and Minister for the Arts -

Dear Joel & George,

Both of you represent me in the Federal and State Parliaments where I need representation.

If you both do not commence representations to ban live animal export effective as of immediately I will actively campaign against you from here on in until I find suitable candidates who are prepared to support and fight for the welfare of all animals at all times.

I am ashamed and shocked beyond belief that this appalling trade is done in my name, and no political platitudes concerning regulators and regulations will fob me off - ever.

Not one single politician can ever guarantee that this gruesome act of animal cruelty will never happen again for the simple reason that once animals leave our shores they are out of our jurisdiction and control - it's only arrogance that peddles the view the regulator is a champion of animals - clearly it is not.

What will it take for us to ban live animal export? What are we waiting for?

Ban Live Animal Export NOW.

Yours sincerely,
Sue Abbott
(Federal Voter for Hunter & State Voter for Upper Hunter)


  1. can we be called human if we are not humane?

  2. No we oughtn't to be.

    The lack of compassion that underpins trade in this country is staggering - we must rise up and insist that our government no longer makes money from such cruel ventures on our behalf - we are a global disgrace

  3. The slippery slope starts when animals are consumed for food/protein. The carnage of industrial slaughter will not stop until we take the vegetarian route. Animal production must be phased out as tobacco production was. And it is time farmers engaged in animal/meat production are regarded as profiteers of death and misery. The buck starts with these farmers raising the animals in the first place.