Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Christiania - HERE IN NEWTOWN!!!

First lesson with Peter (PS Bikes):
'Forget everything you've ever learnt about riding a bicycle...because this is like riding a pram...don't fight the extra wheel!'

'Hmmm logistics for drinks in the park have just got a whole lot easier - how convenient!'

In effect, this is my Newtwon 'big-vehicle' and I intend to use it for stuff that other 'peeps' use their cars for:

* airport pick-ups
* mega-shops
* picnics
* weddings???(BN1,2,3&4, maybe? some stage!!!!!)

So after the official handover between Peter and me outside Cheeky Transport, I gave it a burl down King Street and other bits of Newtown on my way home!

Verdict: BRILLIANT - I love it xx


  1. Now you'll have to build some muscles to push the box around.

  2. Ha! ha! I certainly will...and learn how to take the corners - the temptation to lean into them is almost overwhelming but I hear Peter in my head telling me 'the trick is to sit up straight at all times!!!!'

    Great fun though, and I'm thinking of trialling it at the Farmers' Markets at Pyrmont this Saturday - funtimes!!!!!