Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sydney poorly prepared for Age of Urban

Age of suburbia = over
Age of cheap fuel = over
Age of cheap cars = over
Age of cheap roads = over

So why WestConnex ???

Seriously, who cares what an unelected ex-politician thinks?

...and who'd have thought way back in March 2011 when 'ElectionDay-love' was being showered upon our newbie Transport Minister (god love her!) that she'd end up getting passed-over like Kezza was that night? By fatuously stating that his government's approval of WestConnex is 'shutting the door on the state's poor record on infrastructure', Bazza has completely shut the door on Gladys' expertise.

But back to the drawing board: before we lay our bodies down on Parrammatta Road to save it from an ex-pollie and his band of merry capitalists, perhaps one of our other elected reps could please kick the ball back into touch and repeal regulation 256?

It would be...

* cheap & cheerful
* encourage oodles of women back to cycling

...and that's just for starters!

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