Saturday, November 24, 2012

Occupy Bicycle

Somewhere along the line in Australia we lost the meaning of 'using a bicycle,' and the pursuit of lycra meant more than the pursuit of getting from A to B on a bike.

But if we're to be serious about tackling urban congestion and climate change we must take back the bicycle from cowardy custards and politicians, and occupy the present moment.

Now that Sydney is mortally wounded in terms of access to transport and transiting capabilities, the moment of truth has arrived:- Sydney is 'toast'...

...and if we don't roll up our sleeves and throw out the old-school lycra practicalities of power, we won't stay as 'toast' but we'll be 'crumbs' soon.

So our ever-growing eclectic bicycle collective needs to not only fine tune all of our 'bullshit' detectors but cause all of us to rise up and challenge the helmet regime's monologue.

On our bikes, everyone, there's an occupation waiting for us!!!

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy your blog and the cargo bike looks terrific but one thing really frustrates me. Why do cyclists who do the bulk of their cycling as transport or commuting have such a gripe with cyclists primarily using their bikes for recreation or sport. I have cargo, road, mountain and other bikes and this segregation of the various users is derogatory.

    Hacking on the Lycra brigade is lame. For your cause you should be trying to be more inclusive. As for components try, the lighter weight components that actually make a cargo bike viable in Sydney due to weight reduction come from the Lycra brigade originally so you probably want to be happy about that.

    Yours Sincerely