Friday, November 9, 2012

Newtown Festival 2012 - hooray!!!!...almost here

(Images: Invitation! from the Newtown Festival Committee)

(Newtown Festival 2010)

(Everyone's welcome in Newtown especially if you have four-feet!!!)

(Locals always friendly)

2 more days to the best communtiy-run festival in Sydney (or shall we say the whole of Australia!!!!!)

No kidding - you've got to come and check it out yourselves...

Impressively, the Newtown Festival is completely community run and all monies raised go directly to the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre for essential services operated from there. The Festival is the Neighbourhood Centre's big fundraiser, and is clearly one of the most loved events ever!!!

Come and see for yourselves how the Festival committee have captured the unique essence that's Newtown; come and listen for yourselves to the fabulous bands that are lining to play for you, and just remember that whatever you donate in the entrance buckets at this free festival ALL goes back to the Neighbourhood Centre - no promoter costs, no event management company costs - all profits going to the community.

Seriously unlike many highly priced festivals that are struggling both nationally and internationally to attract crowds , Newtown Festival still continues to draw crowds of well over 80,000!!!...and it's still free and has been for more than 30 years!!

Keep it weird, Newtown!!!!

And when you wonder why Newtown continues to grow whilst some of the major festivals were having a hard time (even Glastonbury is struggling and having 2012 off!), it becomes pretty obvious that it's no mere event but in fact a great big Newtown celebration of everything that's 'Newtown' and authentic. The Newtown freedom of expression and sense of community give it top billing with the entire community as it revels in a delightful mix of unique, non formulaic entertainment (think ukulele orchestras, high profile headline acts, literary icons, hundreds of market stalls, art installations, giant worm farms, laughing club, upcycling lessons, quirky theatre experiences, slam poets, gypsy chai caravan & performance space, chalkboard sessions, cycling games)...oh and in case you think you’ve seen it all, Newtown Festival always dishes out surprises!

And it's a fearless festival too!!

There will be no bottled-water for sale this year anywhere on the festival grounds!!!

Not for the festival committee the fast and easy profits of bottled-water - no, they have bravely eschewed this opportunity in order to 'show us a responsible way' in water sustainability practice - yes, we'll still have access to water because there'll water stations strategically dotted around the grounds - we just need to bring our water bottles!

Keep it weird, Newtown!!!!

There's no doubt that 'being run by the community for the community makes a big difference to the life and sustainability of a festival' (wise words of Sue Andersen, Festival Coordinator)... so come and join the whole of Newtown on Sunday 11 November to see this amazing Inner West community set a new benchmark for festivals with their community run and bottled-water free!' festival!

Go, Newtown!!!! - we know you'll keep it weird!!!!


For full festival entertainment programme check out the Newtown Festival website for: Main Stage, Essentials Stage, Vocal Local Village & Stage, Writer’s Tent, Cycle Games Arena, Eco Zone, Kids Zone and Dog Show.

Don't forget: Newtown Festival is making a stand against commercialisation of water – no on site sales of bottled water will be available – so join us as we all take one for Team Environment, and bring your refill bottle and fill up at the water stations!

Don’t forget either: your Gold Coin and note donations at the entrance gates go directly to support the vital community services of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

See you Sunday 11th November, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown – 9.30am to 6pm.

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