Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collapse: Lendlease tumbles down on UTS

Leaving Central and heading down Broadway was only possible for pedestrians this morning - and only up to a certain point.

Unbelievably we were met with this sight - one of Lendlease's cranes working at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) had caught fire, burnt out and severed the cables and then collapsed on the tower where site workers prepare the steel for construction.

Amongst the workers I chatted to, many were concerned about the safety of colleagues as the tower is normally a hive of activity with steel preparation happening alongside construction.

But fortunately no-one was harmed by the Leadlease jib collapse.

Word on the street felt that the fire was burning diesel.

Everyone was there and Broadway looks like it will remain closed for quite a while.

Naturally the media started dribbling in, and 'Channel Hairspray,'

...with gas & tackle tactics,

...assumed my vantage point..

..."news from Broadway, coming to you live, fire in crane, crane on UTS campus" or something like that

Chaos ensued with traffic everywhere but Broadway...

Not so bad for pedestrians...

...and as always, diversions posed very few problems for cyclists!

Collapsed crane and Broadway without traffic - surreal

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