Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Punk Commute' update

(Photos: Paul Martin & Mike Rubbo)

Date for your diary:

Punk Commute...
Friday 20th May 2011 at 12 noon

Join us on your bicycles at Sydney Town Hall steps before we 'mosey-on down' to Parliament House (details on Facebook)

...our rules, our democracy

Everyone welcome, whatever your...

* bike choice

* headwear choice

* clothing choice

...the more of us the merrier as we enjoy our roads to cycling freedom!!!


  1. Interesting, another Facebook revolution about to take off? ;-)

  2. Hope so, Kim! - although just a 'spec' in the Facebook revolution phenomenon - still any act of rebellion chips away at 'Big Helma' who in effect has neutered a readily available transport option for us here in Australia

  3. Personally as a cyclist and motorist, I think you should visit this before coming to conclusions whether to wear a helmet or not ...

    Would you prefer an "abuse of your civil liberties" or brain damage?

  4. Thank you, anonymous, for dropping by. The two options you put forward as a choice do not automatically go hand in hand no matter how much you'l like them to.

    The study from PA has been labelled 'lightweight' in the field of academia as the presentation of data collected was largely anecdotal - hardly convincing stuff, and certainly not adequate enough to persist with legislation that so severely curtails civil liberties.

    Once again the basis for our current law has been revealed to be flawed and hysterical.

  5. Alex, BRILLIANT!!!! - see you on the 20th!!