Monday, February 21, 2011

'POST-REASON' - what makes Australians think we're so right?

You have to feel sorry for our 'Aussie' police who are at the coal-face of our ridiculous bicycle helmet laws!

I certainly did today when 2 extremely polite policemen stopped me in relation to my helmetless state on my bicycle whilst I was cycling home with the groceries.

The 3 of us conducted an in-depth conversation on the side of the road which evolved into a really useful 'round-table-brain-storming' discussion as to what we all could do to help me with my quest for freedom of choice. 'Booking me' was a suggestion which we were all agreed upon, but in the end we finally left it that they'll be back in touch after they get some legal advice...

...and on that note, we shook hands amicably and went our separate ways, with me promising to give them a couple of secs before hopping back on my bike in order for them to do a U-turn and disappear.

Yet again it struck me how ridiculous & costly this unsubstantiated law has been, and yet again it struck me how irresponsible our politicians have been to leave their flawed & contradictory mess to these overworked guys.

When will this nation grow up?

When will Australians take responsibility for ourselves?


  1. Sue,

    I was thinking after reading this that it might be worthwhile for us to get someone from the Police on side. It is possible that they could join us and let government know they are unhappy with having to enforce this particular piece of legislation.

    I know I have been fined by Police who didn't agree with the law and thought it should be a matter for personal choice. Many others assume that the Government has done it's research and wouldn't bring in a law like this without a very good reason.

  2. Hello Sue,

    You have probably seen this but it is one of the most objectively written things I have read on the subject:

  3. Good idea, Kathy! & I mentioned it to them too but they didn't seem overly optimistic!

    Thanks, Edward, it was good to re-read and yet again I was left wondering why the 'objectivity' demonstrated in your linked PACTS briefing is so missing in eqivalent Australian parliamentary hearings & advisory committees - sigh!