Friday, February 18, 2011

Cars no longer vehicle of choice for young Australians

Out of the mouths of babes...

...according to the Fairfax press today, a significant proportion of young Australians have acknowledged that using the road with a motor vehicle has significant and detrimental effects upon the environment so much so that they would prefer to use the road in an alternative manner and are actively doing so already.

Unsurprisingly, the car companies are having kittens!!!!!

"But wait-up there, Mr & Mrs Motor-Vehicle execs, it doesn't make sense for anyone whether they be car companies or politicians to spend millions of dollars trying to get ‘creative to win back the younger generation’"

Not for the first time, the ‘young’ are showing us the way forward in true leadership fashion.

Let's take a leaf out of their book and follow it...

...our true leaders - love it & love them!!!!


  1. Variations on a a theme,I dont know if you have this Advert in Australia yet. It shows many Hundreds of Cyclists on their Bikes behind a Citroen Car. The Car comes to a Traffic Light with all the Cyclists behind the Car. There is nothing else on the Road,it is completely Traffic free.

    The Car moves off,the Assemblage of Cyclists look on in a rather vacant way some Laugh and point at the Car. The Car U Turns back up the Road with the horde of Cyclists following. I wonder what the Advertisement is trying to say,if anything it only further promotes Cycling use.

    The fact that there is nothing else on the Cityscape is abnormal. Most Streets are Thronged with Traffic and only Bicycles can move along without hindrance. In spite of very bad Infrastructure in most Cities the Bicycle is the only way to get around and able to move.

    Whereas Cars are causing Traffic Jams and they are unhealthy and they also Kill People and are terribly expensive to buy and maintain.

    The Motoring interests are always trying to put down Cycling and even have Politicians on their side in spite of them saying they are trying to cut down on Car Dependency. They are getting very worried about People finding out that Cycling is the only way to go.

  2. Sue, not related to this posting directly but I stumbled upon this small study. Thought you would find it amusing. Yet another reason not to wear helmets!!


  3. l'homme au velo, as always you are spot on!!! - we are rattling the bars and the oil-groupies are none too happy!!!

    LSS, thank you for the link - I love that magpie study and I always smile whenever I watch it - you've provided an opportunity for me to giggle today, and boy! I needed a giggle - in fact I think I'll use it for today's post image - thanks for being my muse, and for the inspiration!!