Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm enveloped in an aura somewhat reminiscent of Groundhog Day!!

According to phone call I have just retrieved from my mobile, the gorgeous police from yesterday have decided to book me after all - & to that effect, my infringement ticket is in the post & winging its way to my 'daisy-painted' post box at the top of the drive!

'Whoop-de-do', 'here we go again', let the 'hustle & bustle' begin!!


1. dust off old subs
2. find some new ones for curial interest!
3. write to:
- (i) ACCC & complain about 'safety-washing'
- (ii) Minister Borger, transport 'pooh-bah' till March, & complain about 'state negligence'
- (iii) The Hon. George Souris, my local member, & check what he's going to do for me
4. ring ABC & chat to Mike Pritchard (he's been busting to know how everything's progressing - now's the time to tell him!!!)
5. dry-clean suit

...and last but not least, logistically speaking, keep you all constantly posted!!


  1. Here we go again! Keep fighting the good fight Sue. I dread the idea that when I get back to Australia I'll be treated as a criminal just for pootling down to the beach or round the block to the shops (probably to buy smokes, the irony!) if I do so without a helmet on my bike. I'm counting on you to fix it by the time I'm back!!!

    Good luck Sue!

  2. Thank you, Mark, I'll definitely make sure it's all sorted before you get here!!!!

    Sorry to have missed you in London - but will be back soon and ready for that 'cuppa'!! x

  3. Sounds perfect. I'll get the kettle on!

  4. I have massive respect for what you are doing Sue, both for yourself and for everyone who wants to overturn the ridiculous Australian Cycling Ban.

  5. Excellent work, Sue. Go get 'em! :)

  6. From all of us with less courage than you, well done!!!

    Will be watching with great interest.

  7. Well done keeping going in the face of such dogmatic ignorance amongst law makers. You are doing something of very great importance!

  8. Hi Sue,
    I have not previously posted on your site, though my partner Kathy has. I so admire what you are doing. I have for many years believed that some sort of legal challenge was likely to be our best way forward, as the political process is hopelessly unresponsive to facts and reason, and the - highly manipulated - popular mind is as dumb as the blokes on the 7pm project. I was talking to a barrister from Ballarat recently (who knew of your protest) who expressed the view that you wouldn't win if you took on the police state by objecting to the anti terrorist legislation, but that you might be able to chip away through issues like compulsory helmets. The law is of course wildly unpredictable, so I'm a bit nervous about the final result. Best of luck - if anyone can succeed, I'm sure you can.

  9. Good on you Sue. I'm very proud of your brave efforts to challenge this ridiculous law. We're all barracking for you.

  10. As ilikelondon said, I'm also counting on you with this Sue. I'm now living in Switzerland at the moment and have just bought a gorgeous traditional bike; have absolutely no intention of ever wearing a helmet when I eventually return to Australia so will be happy to support your campaign in any way I can. Good luck!


  11. Gosh! everyone, thank you for your amazing support - you make me feel strong!! :) xx

  12. You are strong, Sue, and an inspiration to many. Chin up!

  13. Good luck Sue.
    I've been following your amazing fight for some time now. Mike's videos on youtube were great.
    I have so much respect for you and your determination to overturn this ridiculous law.
    I dare say even if the law gets overturned it will be a long time until Australia has a 'friendly', casual and relaxed cycle culture like these European countries get to enjoy.
    What you're doing is making the first (and most important) step in getting this to happen. If you succeed I think it'll be fair to call you a hero for cycling in Australia.
    Best of luck from down here in Tasmania :)

  14. Thanks for doing this Sue. I ride to work every day in Darwin (100km each week), almost entirely on bike paths. I don't wear an approved safety helmet but I do wear a cap to help keep the sun off my face.

    The NT (including Darwin) has an exemption for adults on bike paths, but there is still quite a lot of hostility towards cyclists, and I had a run in with the police last week for riding along the edge of Gardens Road - I was forced off the bike path because there were two police cars parked on it!

    Keep up the good work - maybe I'll contact you one day to ask for some advice if I'm fined!

  15. Thank you, Anon & Anon! - how cool is that!: one of you from Tassie and the other from Darwin - thanks for your lovely words of encouragement!!

  16. Now I know that I am not on the lunatic fringe and other people think the same as I do about the ridiculous bike helmet laws! After having a melanoma cut out of my leg, I'm not keen to repeat the experience. I would never ride a bike without a hat in summer but can't wear a full brim under a helmet. Therefore, I can't bike ride in summer. This makes me so ANGRY!!!!! My chances of dying from skin cancer are far higher than the likelihood of sustaining a head injury. I tootle along and am not interested in entering the Tour de France! Amazing that horse riders don't have to wear helmets when the chances of a head injury are far higher. The law is an ass!!!

  17. Thanks for dropping by, anonymous! - totally agree with all your sentiments!!!