Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Punk Commute" - our democracy, our rules!

Always love watching this study (thank you, LSS! x)

- in fact so much so I think I'll send it to my local member, the Hon. George Souris MP, to assist him with the collection of necessary data to enable him to take a political stand to oversee the abandonment of mandatory bicycle helmet laws - actually, come to think of it, maybe I have already, can't remember - no matter! you can never watch this clip too much anyway! - chillingly & hilariously your heart out, Alfred Hitchcock!!!

Oh! & just before you go...

...keep the 20th May free for the "Punk Commute" in Sydney - more 'detailed' details to come over the next few weeks!!!

Remember: - our democracy, our rules; so join us on the "Punk Commute" if you can - funtimes ha! ha! ha!


  1. Great clip. I have the same experience when riding helmet-free. The people around me get attacked (helmets +/- zip-ties) and the birds ignore me! It is hilarious.

    I note in the video the 'Plain Helmet' has a cracked shell which means that it is technically illegal to wear - of course, the good police never actually check such things... they only care if you have one your head, no matter what state it is in.

    Yet another reason why this is such a stupid law...

  2. By the way, Sue. I'd LOVE to come to Sydney for the ride but we are going to be in The Netherlands 'Cycling Dutch Style' (aka no damn helmets) for two weeks - and blogging as we go.

    Can't wait!!

  3. Paul! we will miss you!!! - but we'll be following your blog avidly - funtimes for you hey!!! xx