Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 2 of the 'Boris-bikes' adventure

We still haven't quite cracked a seemless Borisbike dispensing process!!!! - but we did gather solace from the fact that it isn't just us!!!!

Plenty of puzzled tourists were patiently mystified today, some clutching 'borisbike' keys and others credit cards, & plenty of Borisbike machines were either without the paper, necessary for issuing the docking release code, or patently disliked Australian plastic money! - groan!

Notwithstanding, our party was the patiently determined type and we eventually got the five bikes we needed to transport us from Hyde Park Corner to Euston Station, Tottenham Court Road and the 'Northumberland Arms' - well worth it!!!...& the following pub grub was even more worth it...

...ahhhh London! - you're where it's all happening!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the boris bikes. It's a dark day for UK cycling today as politicians in Northern Ireland have backed a mandatory helmet bill. I fear the rest of the UK will follow...

  2. Helmet law in NI is not likely to happen.

    There is also an election coming up...

  3. In the recent Queensland floods it was all over the media as the death toll rose to 18. People were, quite rightly, very emotional over the sad loss of life. On Australia day 6 people were killed in car incidents (there is no such thing as a car accident) in Queensland & yet this was merely a by-line in the newspapers. As a society, how did we let this happen? And why do our politicians only seem interested in "saving cyclists lives" by enforcing helmet laws? Society is indeed ignoring the "bull" in our china shop.

  4. guys!!!! it's all so frustrating - makes me want to tie myself to a railing or two - though in NSW our Parliament is prorogued so probabley wouldn't even notice!!!!!

  5. I know. The helmet legislation has now passed the second stage and looks set to become law. So we now have two parts of the UK with MHLs. We have to find some way of stopping it spreading to the UK mainland. Any ideas?

  6. Passionate, unceasing, conscientious objection - don't let up, coshgirl - the Australian case study ought to be enough to deter any rational government - what is it with politicians?