Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance

As a resident of New South Wales and a citizen of Australia, it is my responsibility to participate fully in our democracy.

Since the laws of Australia are made in my name, it's absolutely essential that I hold my government to account in a bid to protect my freedoms and liberties, (and yours as well).

So when they are abused, with-held and/or removed, I will always petition my government for a 'redress of a grievance' - and I ought to be allowed to do this.

Notwithstanding how it all 'ought to be', I am deeply disappointed by my government's inaction in relation to mandatory bicycle helmet laws and I am equally disappointed at their lame attempts to dodge my engagement in acts of good citizenship.

But I will never give up or ever let anything through to the keeper because I know, as we all do, that 'eternal vigilance' is the price we pay for liberty...

...and Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, you're my hero.

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