Saturday, December 22, 2012

'You better watch out..."

(Images: this year's favourite xmas card!)

If Santa does come to town on his bike, he's going to come a 'legal' cropper if NSW coppers see him sans helmet.

Operation Safe Arrival is now in full-swing and the police have openly declared that among the hazardous motoring activities requiring 'prevention' or 'increasing,' they have set their sights on 'increasing the use of helmets by cyclists.'

Who knew cyclists had become Christmas menaces?

Who knew cycling without a helmet was on a par with drink driving and speeding?

Prima facie, throwing the helmet book at cyclists is purely a revenue raising exercise underpinned by obdurate stubborness on the part of Australian politicians, and given that police are traditionally flat chat with far more festively unique-operations, cracking down on non-bicycle helmet use at this time of year is an irresponsible waste of community resources.

Spare us the drivel, and perhaps we'd all 'better watch out' ...


  1. Oh my . . . let's get an easy target - cyclists enjoying their ride sans hat . . .

    After so much investigation recently most helmets being worn were very loosely fastened or not at all ..... Will any of these be fined ??

    It looks like the only thing these helmet wearers are protecting themselves from is a fine . . .

  2. Oh by the way Merry Christmas Sue and all Freedom Cyclist fans !!!

    Happy riding in 2013 !!

    Jamie K - Freestyle Cyclist

    1. You too, Jamie, merry christmas and a happy new year xx