Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Great city, shame about the helmet law

Arguably one of the loveliest cities in the world...

...and a lovely place to celebrate my arrival to Australia 30 years ago today (3rd December 1982) with my dearest of school buddies & a couple of our babies!!!

...and after lunch, whilst one of us was going to don a helmet for 'international-hockey-balls-to-head purposes'...

...a couple of us needed to buy them... don for 'fine-protective purposes' on 'leisurely-explore-of-pancake-flat-city'...

...simultaneously adding to city's landfill problem with outrageous unnecessary packaging...

The last of us said 'fuck it!'


  1. What lovely sons you both have!

    People forget that those foam hats are also absolutely superfluous pollution. Pity, I have friends in Melbourne and would love to visit your beautiful country, but the foam-hat law is a huge turnoff.

    Bisous de Montréal, which is very far away indeed!

  2. Merci, lagatta à montréal!!! - we do have lovely sons!!

    ...and yes it's such a shame about the ridiculous helmet law because to explore Melbourne on a bicycle is the most ideal way to discover all its nooks and crannies and fabulous lanes and bars and music clubs etc - and yes you're 100% right, 'foam-hat' law is a massive turnoff!!

    ...and hopefully one day, I'll get visit Montréal and try out cycling in your beautiful city!!!

    Bisous d'Australie aussie xx

  3. Oh Sue - I wish I knew you weer here. I would have come joined in!!