Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Tis the season to go hunting, fa la la la laaaaa la la la laaaah

Why should we have to wear helmets when sitting on NSW bicycles on NSW roads when we don't have to wear flak jackets when sitting on NSW picnic rugs in NSW National Parks?????

Nothwithstanding the stark warning from its very own Office of Environment and Heritage of...

'a major risk to the public when recreational shooting begins in March' and that 'the risk of death or serious injury was high as well as the potential for the 34 million annual visitors to decline due to concern at safety in parks from bullets and also from arrows shot by bow hunters'

...this government still plans to go ahead with its recreational rambo policies (and most probably to leave bicycle helmet law in place...sigh).

It is utterly outrageous that unless otherwise decided, state-sanctioned-'hunger-games' will be coming to National Parks near all of us very soon...

...god (or whoever we all praise/ignore) help us!


  1. You'll be more effective as an anti-helmet campaigner if you don't mix your message up with other campaigns (e.g. anti-hunting).

    I thought this blog was supposed to be speficifically about cycling helmets. Having anti-hunting messages makes it come across as a general "contrarian" blog.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      This is Australia and contrary to your opinion, I am free to mix up my messages as much as I like, whenever I like, and how I like.

      ...and anyway upon further reflection how can effectiveness of 'anti-helmet campaigners' ever be evaluated when juxtaposed against the confounders and variables of current Australian troglodyte governments? - just a thought

      With regards to my blog, 90% of the time ‘matters-helmet-law' are the order of the day, but because I'm a complex human being just like many residents of NSW with a tonne of other stuff going on simultaneously, inevitably on occasions I will deviate just a touch and vary my conversation !

      Prima facie, I started this blog as an e-diary (a) to give my family a break from my all-consuming involvement with the perils of helmet law and (b) to ensure I wasn’t stifled or muffled on a subject so important to me. Inter alia, I will not be muffled by you in your anonymous capacity or in any other capacity that you might come up with at a subsequent time.

      So back to my mixed up messages; I am VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED TO HUNTING - ANYWEHRE - ANYTIME - BY ANYONE – period.

      - that the O'Farrell government has passed legislation allowing ‘gun’ and ‘bow & arrow’ touting hooligans into our precious National Parks come March 2013 is beyond the pale and worth screaming from NSW roof-tops.

      - that the O’Farrell government has done this to appease an extremely minute minority party in a bid to get government electricity plans through the upper house is both cynical and expedient (…and will come back to bite them for sure)

      Oh...and if 'having anti-hunting messages' makes my blog 'come across as a general contrarian blog' then...whoop-de-doo-dah, my work here is almost done.

      Yours faithfully,
      Anti-hunting anti-helmet law campaigner