Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christiania - perfect for Christmas shopping

Everleigh Markets, Campos, Black Star errands are so much easier with the Christiania (& our lovely Melbourne family when they're in town!)

Totally enamoured with my new bicycle - love it to bits!!


  1. At first I was thinking of the community Christiania in Copenhagen, and thought the photos were certainly not taken during a Nordic Christmastime.

    I guess Australians enjoy an outdoor Christmas? My friends from Argentina and Chile would always do an Asado (grilling party) outdoors too, for your Austral High Summer Christmas.

    Happy Summer Solstice! Love the cargo bicycle!

    1. Merci, lagatta!!! - in fact Scone, the little NSW country town where I spend a lot of my life, is so hot that at times our outdoor Christmas becomes an indoor Christmas full of siestas!!!!

      Joyeux noël et bonne année xx

  2. Hey Sue, I see a lot of Christiania trikes in my area. I picked up the 2-wheel version this year and it changed my life. I can carry my son and dog as well as groceries, Christmas trees, friends, etc. Ride it about 10km every day. Best transport ever! (Picture link below)

    Lagatta, Christmas here is very much an outdoor thing. And hot! (40C in Melbourne tomorrow) Santa needs to stop for a beer while on his toy run.

    1. Lovely photo!!!! - whilst conversation at Christmas drinks last night was consumed with newest bmw, peugeot & other 4 wheeled vehicles, I nimbly (and boastfully) introduced my Christiania into the 'wheel' mix!!!!

      I am my Christiania's devoted slave!

      Merry X to you and yours, Etienne xx

  3. Oh if people are boasting about their BMWs, I just casually mention our Bugatti Convertible that we recently bought - that's a hood for a Christiania of course, not a petrol guzzling sports car!