Monday, December 17, 2012

I've got mail...from Sherrif of Muswellbrook

Here in Australia, the time & money we waste in the name of helmet law is something else!

Just when I thought my bicycle saga was all over, I received a cheque in the mail (above) last week.

Apparently my 'seized bicycles' (below) made too much money at the Sherrif's Auction.

...yes that's right too much!...

In fact, to be precise, my bicycles made $8.69 more than the actual $200+fine.

Thus the Department of Justice & the Attorney General has now seen fit to issue me with a cheque for that very same amount = $8.69...

What to spend it on?



  1. I could be worse; the sheriff may have no option but to organise another trip to seize more property had the auction failed to raise the money to cover the debt!

  2. buy a Melbourne bike share helmet and a bag of lollies