Thursday, December 13, 2012

'There was movement at the [airline], for word had passed around...'

...a bit of a development!!!!

Best Flights rang me yesterday afternoon to say they've had a little 'think' and have now decided that their 'ridiculous' (my word) costs will no longer stand!!!

Apparently after a little chat with the partner airline (British Airways), a decision was made to back date our airfares which in turn reduced the additional fare (what is the go with this talk of 'additional fares' - I'm cancelling fares) to only $24 per person instead of $1,668 per person!!!! - gasp & wtf!

The airline reissue fees of $100 per person are still to apply but Best Flights is going to waive one of their $55 reissue fees because I'm a loyal Best Flights customer (is that what I am?)

Anyhoo, 'not-flying-from-Geneva-to-London' for the pair of us will now cost $303 as opposed to $3,646 quoted Tuesday.

...and all packaged with lots of chummy sorrys for inconvenience as well as chummy invites to make contact any time.

♩♪♫♬What a difference a day makes!!!♩♪♫♬


  1. i would agree.. you should have a credit for the flight less $303.

    1. ...and with you too!!!! - it totally sucks that I have to pay money 'not to take' a flight - still I have to admit that $303 is a vast improvement on $3,600+ - such a sneaky strategy to make some extra airline dough!!