Sunday, September 2, 2012

Barry O'Farrell's Elephant

(Photos: Pip Abbott, Rajasthan, India)

Behind the NSW Government's "Master Plan" of motorways is a great big proverbial elephant that totally fails to conceal the state's fatuous committment to Big Oil.

Who in their right mind plans a string of motorways to a city's CBD in order to alleviate congestion?

(Images: Sydney Morning Herald, 1-2 September 2012)

...and who in their right mind having looked at the books is confident enough to say we can afford all this nonsense? - didn't Macquarie Street get the memo that the times for cheap fuel and roads are over?!

There is no way Team Motorway can sustain the illusion anymore that they're the solution to 'accessibility' - absolutely no way...

...but even so, the state government continues to bleat in a continuous-feed recycled motorway-love for recycled motorway-projects...

...this has only led me to conclude that "all talk and no trousers" makes Bazza a dull boy!

*Sigh* 'Premier, don't build crap - can't be that hard'

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