Thursday, September 13, 2012

The 'Fuck-You' Attitude we have to have

(Photos: Inner West Courier, Sept 2012)

We can get rid of daft rules and regulations when we put our minds to it!!!! - what a relief.

As reported in today's Inner West Courier, a ridiculous directive issued by the Ashfield Mall management commanded that the 1,000s of motorists using the car park were not to turn left. General consensus kicked in and the 'command' was consigned to the rubbish heap, along with the superflous sign.

Not to be deterred, management erected a new bigger and bossier one, and then suddenly it was gone - only to be revealed that it was removed by management itself who upon realising that 70% of their customers were turning left anyway, decided to actually conduct a thorough traffic management survey to see how best to manage this traffic situation.

A mall management stated in all seriousness that 'line markings have been introduced to allow left turns' and that 'circulation strategies were investigated to better manage the vehicular movements on the roof top car-park, which led to the taking down of the sign' - ha! ha! you don't say!!!!!

...FFSAIC - too too brilliant - we can exact changes through civil disobedience - go us!!!

...and with the rate that helmet compliance is diminishing in the Inner West and CBD, pollie management is soon going to have to investigate current bullshit strategies to better manage the ever-growing 'wind-in-hair-icular' movements on bicycle clad roads which no doubt will lead to the taking down of regulation 256 - aaaaahhhh...

...potentially marvellous!!!


  1. CBD police are very anti-cyclist, though, and are conducting endless crackdowns.s

    the other day they had squads at the bottom of Anzac Bridge AND on Pyrmont Bridge - so anyone on that route (which is the main route in form the west) was going to cop 2 fines...

    1. It's so ridiculous - such a waste of our taxes - surely there must be better things to spend them on other than staking out people like us?!

  2. Manly residents seem to survive too!