Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hunter Valley 2012 = Mines+Development+Prime Movers

After the tragic school bus/prime-mover collision in Singleton on Monday afternoon, special interest-agendas and obfuscation have already become the order of the day

But this isn't about seatbelts on buses, or the widening of narrow intersections, or us being more alert and alarmed and driving more carefully...

No...this is about:

1. Massive prime movers rat-running through quiet narrow country town streets avoiding chronically congested New England Highway (congestion they cause)


2. Short-sighted politicians failing to acknowledge their part in allowing these super-sized mobile weapons to share our roads with us

Prime movers are too big for Singleton's Kelso Street or Church Street (or even Newtown's King Street for that matter) yet everyday we're seeing more and more of them.

As the entire Hunter Valley becomes one big connected mine with the F3 freeway soom to be chucking road users onto the New England Highway at Branxton, rat-running will only become more prevalent in these gun-barrel towns disected by the highway.

Unless politicians confront the problem head on rather than currently ducking behind some fatuous safety salvo, there will more needless tragedies on more narrow streets where prime movers ought to fear to tread.

So to all the elected folk in Macquarie Street ask yourselves this:

"What was a prime mover doing on Kelso Street?"

...and fix that up rather than start on what to do about school buses.

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