Sunday, August 26, 2012

"None shall pass!" - what?

(Photos: Black Knight - YouTube)

In a parallel to Monty Python's Black Knight, the Sport of cycling have been shorn of their arms and legs in the thick of battle with Lance Armstrong, and all they can do is to threaten to bite off his kneecaps.

Inexplicably notwithstanding the lack of any physical evidence whatsoever they have remained hell bent on their witch-hunt and now they're bereft as their target announces his decision to bow out and get on with his very busy life as a family man and a community man.

Well may they leap around and splutter 'tis but a scratch' or 'just a flesh-wound' but in reality what have they done to competitive cycling?

How do they come back from this with any dignity or semblance of reputation? It'll take a miracle to save the Sport of Cycling now from this final ignominious fall into the gutter.

Seriously, there have only been 2 reasons for watching the Tour for many years:

1. France
2. Phil Liggett

But I digress, back to the issue at hand, what is the Sport of Cycling going to do now?...

...'bleed' on Lance?

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