Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If I was a City of Sydney voter...I'D TICK CLOVER!!!!

(Photos: Pip Abbott, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

She not only gets the 'cities-that-work' concept, she's a 'do-er'! - and consequently this 'rolling-up-of-sleeves' approach means she's actually been sorting out Sydney's:

# dire urban congestion
# impoverished public transport
# existing unnconnected and unprotected routes for cyclists
# pressing need for more sustainable energy schemes well as making sure that:

# Sydney Mardi Gras Festival gets funding
# small bars happen

...and that's just for starters!

What if we end up with one of those candidates who's all about:

# car park creation
# bus lane removal
# bike lane deletion


- or one of those other candidates so intent on getting rid of Clover they've sold out on their souls and traditional labour promises to voters???

Be alert, Sydney, be alarmed, but most of all, be very careful 'what' you wish for on Saturday!! - otherwise things will get messy pretty quickly and we'll be an even bigger joke on the international urban planning stage than we already are...



  1. Is there an election on for some kind of public office in Sydney? Pardon my ignorance from someone downunder in Melb!

  2. Hello Peng!...yes NSW Council elections which means Sydney's Lord Mayor's role is up for grabs!!!! - I get to vote for the Upper Hunter council and if they were in charge of Sydney it would be an open cut coal mine

    Fingers x'd Clover gets back - the alternative is bleak *sigh*

    BREAKING NEWS: SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!