Friday, September 21, 2012

Elected by the people, dumped by the parliament

An end of an era

Lights, camera, action

Clover Moore & Alex Greenwich (new independent candidate)

...more lights, camera, action

Clover Moore, Alex Greenwich & their partners

'It's the final countdown!

Outrageously, the Shooters and Fishers played a role in this sorry state of affairs... (they've also played a role in the mayhem and slaughter coming soon to a National Park near you!)

Sad to see a popular and guttsy leader forced out of our Parliament by our Parliament...

♩♪♫♬God only knows what we'll be without her♩♪♫♬


  1. Hi. I admire your stand against unnecessary laws regarding cycling helmets. Forcing people to wear helmets stops many people from using bicycles I think. But the broader issues involving individual freedom from government regulation are what is really important. However, I am saddened by your comment about "mayhem and slaughter" in national parks and I feel compelled to make some kind of response to it. I hold a game council license which allows me to volunteer my own time and money for the purpose of protecting native wildlife from the ravages of feral animal species. Some of the impacts of feral animals can be read about here..
    Shooting is actually a very specific, humane and efficient method of control. Especially compared to the slow cruelty of poison. At the moment, National Parks represent a haven for feral animals. Certainly holders of game council licenses are not interested in mayhem or slaughter. We are responsible, safe and law abiding members of the community.
    Anyhow, enjoyed reading your blog !

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Thanks for dropping by and I do apologise for taking so long to get back to you.

      Notwithstanding your articulate and thoughtful comments I cannot agree with you, and truly feel that this 'conservation hunting' is deeply misleading in both terminology and proposed action.

      From what I have read it would appear that many experts including scientists and 'professional land managers' highlight that the proposed intermittent and unplanned shooting is utterly useless in controlling feral animals. As Bob Debus (a former Labour minister for the environment, attorney-general and a federal minister for home affairs) recounts in his opinion piece found here 'animal species that become feral succeed because they breed quickly'...therefore a 'control program must eliminate the majority of individuals at any location to be effective.'

      The way the legislation has been framed leaves the government vulnerable to the whims of the Shooters Party et al, and the rest of vulnerable to the vagaries of hunters whilst we picnic.

      I am not comfortable at the thought of potentially beinging target practice when I'm next munching a marmite sarnie whilst enjoying the sphagnum moss up at Pole Blue.

      I'm sorry but the idea of sharing the Barrington Tops with shooters and hunters leaves me cold and if the plan is to keep me out whilst the bullets fly...well we may as well come up with a new name for our National Parks because they'll hardly be that anymore.

      Kind regards,