Friday, June 1, 2012

Now is the hour that we must say goodbye to our National Parks

Given that our national parks are going to be littered with amateur hunters, notwithstanding the lack of evidence to suport the notion that amateur recreational hunting reduces feral animal populations, perhaps a Mandatory Helmet Picnic Law in addition to a Mandatory Flak-Vest Picnic Law ought to be introduced in the following National Parks...

$$$ The Watagans

$$$ Barrington Tops

$$$ Myall Lakes

$$$ Koszciusko

$$$ Warrumbungles

...and many other iconic locations in New South Wales which from here on in will be effectively quasi commando shooting reserves.

"Barry O'Farrell, history will not judge kindly your manifold effort to destroy our national treasures - god only knows the next 3 years cannot pass by quickly enough!"

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